Choosing a Real Estate Attorney

The Purchase or Sale of Real Estate, be it Residential or Commercial represents an important decision for Clients. The services of a competent real estate Attorney should be retained as quickly as possible because the Attorney is the one person in a real estate transaction who has assumed the duty of advising and protecting a client through the binder, building inspection, contract, mortgage process, title and municipal searches on the Client’s behalf.

In addition, the Real Estate Attorney must correctly analyze and account for the funds needed or to be received by the Client as a result of the closing.  In addition the Real Estate Attorney attends the closing, presents the necessary closing documents, accounts to the Client for funds expended/received and in the case of a purchase, records the closing documents.

For a successful Real Estate transaction retain an Attorney to assist you through the entire process. Here at Daniel M. McCabe, LLC we guide our clients through every step of the process.

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